Building The Largest

Global B2B Reverse Supply Chain

Who We Are

Passionate founding team from IIT-Delhi, ISB Hyderabad, MDI Gurgaon committed to B2B start-up and sustainability space. Experience of building USD 150 Mn business from scratch and handling team size of 250+ in their previous roles. Overall ~50 years of combined experience in largest B2B and new-age companies.


We create value by efficiently converting waste material into valuable resource through process improvement & use of technology.


We strive hard to provide consistent access to unadulterated raw materials to ensure the highest quality final product.


We are working forward to establish strategic partnerships with municipal bodies, state government & other government bodies.

Waste is worse than loss. The time is coming when every person who lays claim to ability will keep the question of waste before him constantly. The scope of thrift is limitless.


We deal with multiple categories like metal (ferrous or non-ferrous), paper, e-waste, plastic, agriculture, battery etc. of waste material through an organized channel to scrap & generate value for all stakeholders involved in the process.

e-Waste & Battery




We are on a mission to disrupt the supply chain, create value by disintermediating layers of middle men & supply pure material.

What We Do

We are one of the largest organized scrap aggregator in the country.

Unified Platform

A unified platform connects companies with technical expertise for all waste materials, streamlining quotes and operations.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure local collectors comply with regulations, reducing the risk of government scrutiny.

Enhanced Transparency

The system's transparency minimizes cheating in material weights and vehicle counts by local collectors.

Product Authencity

Reverse supply chains verify product authenticity, reducing spurious sales and data misuse.

Accelerated Payments

Payment delays are minimized as we provide diversified income sources, reducing reliance on recyclers.

Efficient Supply Chain

Improved record-keeping and GPS coordination are integral parts of efficient reverse supply chain management.

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