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We are the largest organized scrap aggregator serves as a catalyst for positive change in the waste management and recycling industry.

As the largest organized scrap aggregator we stand as a pioneering force in the realm of waste management and recycling, setting new industry standards and promoting sustainability. Through our unified platform, we try to bridge the gap between businesses and a vast network of technical experts, simplifying the often complex process of waste disposal. This accelerates operations, saving companies time and resources.

One of our most significant contributions lies in the ability to make Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) norms feasible for businesses. By bringing organization and standardization to the market, we reduce the burden on individual enterprises, enabling them to fulfill their EPR obligations effectively. This fosters a greener and more sustainable future..

Payment delays have long been a challenge within the recycling industry, causing financial strain for many businesses. We offer a solution by diversifying income sources. By reducing reliance on recyclers, they mitigate the risk of delayed payments, ensuring smoother cash flow and financial stability for companies.

The reverse supply chain is crucial for sustainable business practices, but it comes with challenges, such as verifying product authenticity. We address this concern by implementing robust authentication processes. This not only reduces the risk of spurious sales but also safeguards sensitive data, enhancing trust in the reverse supply chain system.

Efficiency is paramount in successful reverse supply chain management. Our job is to ensure this by employing advanced technology for improved record-keeping and GPS coordination. Businesses can effectively track the movement of their materials and products, minimizing the risk of losses and optimizing supply chain logistics.

Transparency is a foundational principle in the operations, minimizing the scope for cheating in material weights and vehicle counts, which has been a common issue faced by local collectors. This transparency reassures businesses that their materials are handled honestly and ethically throughout the recycling process.

In an industry rife with regulations and environmental norms, adherence is crucial. We play a pivotal role in ensuring local collectors comply with these regulations, reducing the risk of government scrutiny and potential fines. By standardizing practices and providing guidance, the aggregator fosters a culture of responsibility and sustainability in the recycling sector.

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